Services we offer

Plagiarism Removal via machine

Our machine will take your text (up to 10,000) characters and automatically rewrite your paper. The automatic machine rewriting tool is also referred to as a essay rewriter, article rewriter, and paper rewriter. It is the best choice for documents under 10,000 characters and only costs $4.00.

Plagiarism Removal via machine with human edit

All the benefits of our automatic rewriting tool plus the editing of a human. This allows you to get a quick but precise result. There is no limit to the number of characters. Using this type of plagiarism removal will require you to open an account and upload your document. The document will be turn in ready when you get it back.

Plagiarism removal via human rewrite

This option is for those that are working on a thesis, dissertation, or are trying to get published. This is an in depth look at rewriting your paper by a professional editor. This package starts at $0.02 per word and includes a free vocabulary enhancement to help reduce overused words, hanging modifiers, and puctuation issues. To use human plagiarism removal, you must sign up for an account and upload your document.


This option is best for those who are trying to eliminate grammar issues. A professional editor will take your paper and use our state of the are grammar editing tool to flag incorrect punctuation, mispelled words, incorrect grammar, hanging modifiers, sentence structure, writing style flaws, and much more. After they have detected the issues, they will fix the problems and return the document to you. In order to use this option, you must create an account and upload your document. The editing paper option costs $0.02 per word and has a turn around time of 24 - 96 hours depending on the length of the document. If your second language is english, we highly recommend using the proofreading and editing option to give your paper a better flow and eliminate the grammar issues. You may also choose to select the grammar report option for any of the human involved plagiarism removal options.