The plagiarism removal process

We process your document through the internet that will check over 8 billion sources for plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected, we will flag the part of the document that needs to be reworked and start to reword your paper. We then use our state of the art tool to fix any grammar issues. By rewriting your paper, we can ensure that your paper will contain less than 10% plagiarism.

Pay by the word

We like to be honest about our pricing. Our essay rewriter/automatic plagiarism removal starts at $4.00 and goes up to $10.00 based on your need for human editing.

Our pricing for human plagiarism starts at $0.02 per word and ranges to $0.06 per word. The "machine" option is the cheapest and fastest way to remove plagiarsim from your paper. By using the machine, we give you the basics and let you adjust as you see fit. This way, you can edit your paper yourself. If you prefer to have us do it, the pricing is shown below. See the table below for more info.

Turnaround 1 day 3-4 days 7-10 days Machine Machine with human edit
Cost 0.06 per word 0.04 per word 0.02 per word 4.00 flat rate 10.00 flat rate


Plagiarism removal services range from $0.02 per word up to $0.06 per word depending on the turnaround time or the "Do it Yourself" option.

Our turnaround times are based on price. The turnaround time is often quicker than what is listed based on the volume of uploads we currently have in our queue. If you need special processing please Contact Us

We have removed plagiarism from anything you can think of. We have worked on numerous dissertations, thesis's and publishings. Our works has been featured in magazines around the world as well as PhD publishings. No job is too large or too small. Our current record for largest document is 37000 words.

We accept .txt and .docx file formats. If you have another format in mind, please Contact Us

All of our papers are returned in a .docx format. If you require something different, please Contact Us

We use 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure your document will not be stolen. All plagiarism removal is confidential and will not be shared with anyone including schools, editors, newspapers, websites, etc.

You can track your order through the plagiarism removal process by logging into your account.

Our guarantee

We guarantee to return your document with less that 10% plagiarism. Some terms cannot be reworded, or will not need to be reworded because they are common words among many different types of content found online or in books. An example of this may be "The Oregon trail was traveled". We work closely with our customers to ensure the best results. If you are unsatisfied, please Contact Us.

Our Writers

Our writers are the best in the world. We have writers that are experts in all fields from pop cultural to particle physics. Based on your papers content, we will have the correct writer work on your paper. Looking to work for deplag.com? Please Contact Us about possible openings.

What we remove plagiarism from


Rewrite Speeches, rewrite publications, rewrite website content, rewrite blog entries, rewrite reports, rewirte articles, rewrite newspaper articles, etc.

Speech proofreading, publication editing, content proofreading, report proofreading


Rewrite Dissertation, rewrite thesis, rewrite essay, rewrite journal, rewrite notes, rewrite blogs, rewrite research paper, rewrite speeches, rewrite lectures, rewrite presentations, etc.

Dissertation proofreading, thesis proofreading, essay proofreading


Website content, blog content, publications, articles, journals, diaries, emails, presentations, speeches, etc.

Content editing, essay editing, proofreading, grammar edits, article editing

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